Misty Bolt

Licensed Insurance Agent

About Me.

Choosing the right health care plan can be daunting for many, but especially for senior citizens. Independent Insurance agent Misty Bolt attempts to make things a little easier as she educates senior citizens with their health care options.

Born and raised in Oklahoma, I came to Chattanooga to attend UTC. After graduating with a Psychology degree, I worked at UNUM Provident for the next five years and with my ambition driving me forward, getting into sales was the perfect fit. I left Unum for Healthspring which led me to Medicare. Currently, I am an independent agent educating seniors about their personalized options for Medicare.   

I have been helping seniors for nearly a decade and have put forth every effort to make sure they are comfortable with their choices.“When your whole life is full of choices you don’t need something such as choosing your insurance to be scary. It can be very confusing and intimidating and it is nice for seniors to know they have somebody experienced who will show them their best options."

“It is not about what makes me the next dollar. I have walked away from a sale or given a sale away and it always works out. If you do the right thing it will always come back to you. Working with seniors is like having 1,000 grandparents, It is very rewarding!"

Before launching my own business in 2011, I had worked with senior centers and volunteered at health fairs. My involvement with seniors brought me business that I didn’t have to solicit. I am licensed in 8 states with over 20 motivated agents that have been trained to find the best options for your individual needs.

Knowing all this you can trust me with your senior options.

Thank you for allowing me to find the right policy for you for over 20 years. 

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